The Royal Hotel

Built in 1880 and named the “Advance Hotel”, the name was changed in 1884 to the “Royal Hotel”.

From the late 1850’s with the dramatic influx of prospectors, establishments such as the Royal acted as meeting places for isolated rural communities, accommodation, food, stabling and entertainment.

When you visit the Royal Hotel, you’ll be stepping into a piece of Armidale’s varied and colourful history. We look forward to welcoming you!

The Early Days

Trading in these early days was marked by strong competition with licenced hotel numbers in Armidale having peaked at twenty one between 1883 & 1890. With the advent of the 1890s recession, however, hotel numbers in Armidale began to slowly decline.

In 1914, the Royal underwent its first major renovation with roughly £3,000 spent on extensions to the eastern side of the building. These included a lobby entrance, ‘fine new dining room which measures 30ft by 26ft’, a 10ft by 9ft scullery ‘with every convenience in the way of hot and cold water’, new 16ft by 15ft kitchen and six new rooms on the first floor.


In 2010, the fourth renovation in the Royal Hotel’s then 130 year history began. Today, the Royal Hotel maintains its tradition as an important social centre and local pub, while catering for today’s modern patron, with large restaurant facilities and a family-friendly environment.

The Royal Hotel’s bottleshop, operated by Liquor Legends, is Armidale oldest serving ‘drive-through’, and continues to provide excellent service, great prices and convenience. For visitors needing accommodation, the Royal’s pub-style rooms offer value and convenience in the heart of Armidale.